Diversify your portfolio through Safe and Short Term Investments
Actual Net Earnings of 1.7% - 2.7% monthly
 KyoPayBank DepositsStock MarketTreasury BondsTreasury Bill
Tenure of InvestmentShort Term 30 - 120 daysShort to Long Term 30 days to 1 yrsMedium to Long Term 6 mos to 1 yrs minimumMedium to Long Term 2 to 5 yrsShort to Medium Term 3 most, 6 mos, to 1 yr
Profit Rate(Per Annum)15% - 35%6% - 10%1.5% to 7%(on dividends)9% - 10%8% - 9%
RiskLow to MediumLowLow to HighLowLow
Initial Investment Amount1 mil MMKMMK10003000+ MMK0.5 bil MMK0.5 bil MMK
How to get started with KyoPay ?
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For bidders / investors


1. New Alternative Investment

New high yield investments with measurable risks

2. Sizeable Returns

With 15% - 35% average annualized returns

3. Predictable Investments

Short Term investments based on the average invoice tenors - 30 to 60 days so your cash doesn’t get tied up in the long term giving you more flexibility in handling your investments.

4. Secure Investments

Invoices coming from Blue Chip/MNC Companies of good standing and reputation to ensure security.

5. Strict Due Diligence and Risk Mitigation Process

Buying invoices are relatively safe given that we only sell invoices from suppliers of known companies, we do background and KYC checks on all companies involved with Invoice verification and a strict collections process.

Corporate Buyer

  • Personal Information
  • Business Information
  • Valid Identity
    • Soft copy of NRC / Passport
    • Soft copy of NRC / Passport of authorized persons (if any)
  • At least one (1) latest Billing Statement billed to the Company Address
    • Utility Bills (i.e. Electric, Water, etc.)
    • Copy of Company Bank Book / Bank Statement
  • Business Documents
    • Company Registration Card
    • Articles of Association (if applicable)
    • Memorandum of Association
    • Form 6, Form 26
    • BOD resolution to open platform trading account and appointment of an authorized person to perform all action relating with invoice selling in KyoPay’s platform (stating NRC number)
    • *For Import/Export business, licenses of import/export are required


Individual Buyer

  • Personal Information
  • Valid Identity
    • Soft copy of NRC / Passport
    • Soft copy of NRC / Passport of authorized persons (if any)
  • At least one (1) latest Billing Statement billed to the your Present/Permanent Address
    • Utility Bills (i.e. Electric, Water, etc.)
    • Copy of Company Bank Book / Bank Statement

*We only accept JPEG, PNG, and PDF file type with a maximum of 5MB per file.

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What businesses says about KyoPay Technologies

" Through it's transparent system and awesome support, Kyo Pay really is bridging the financing gap for the SMEs while creating a trustworthy funding ecosystem. As a funder, I am grateful that I am able to help SMEs while at the same time having some substantial financial returns for…
" KyoPay has introduced me to the concept of buying invoices and now I am fully onboard. The platform they have introduced is easy to use, giving the right information in a transparent manner, making the whole process a breeze."  
"KyoPay gives employees like us a chance to invest without having huge sums of money. With just kyats 10 lakhs, we are able to bid for small invoices, which makes it very convenient for us. We can begin with what we can afford. As the interest earned is 2-3% a month. It is also higher…
''An interesting alternative investment for your savings in Myanmar. Returns might even beat the 15.38% on offer with one of Myanmar’s leading banks for it’s high interest account plus bonuses.''
''KyoPay offers an alternative option for investing your savings in Myanmar. The process was simple and the KyoPay team were incredibly helpful throughout.''