May 4, 2020

4 Fintechs in Myanmar to Watch

When it comes to fintech, Myanmar has a lot of catching up to do. With a little over a dozen companies compared to about 150 in Vietnam, and over 490 in Singapore, the Burmese fintech sector still trails far behind the rest of Asia. But with a government committed to improving financial inclusion and rapid mobile growth, the sector is poised to take off.

To get a clearer view of the Burmese fintech industry, we look today at four fintech startups to watch closely this year. These have made notable strides over the past year, inking new partnership deals and expanding rapidly, and are set to witness further growth in 2020.

For this list, we focus on homegrown fintech startups headquartered in Myanmar, and exclude foreign companies with operations in the country. These include, for example, Ongo, a mobile wallet from Ireland, Micromoney, a blockchain startup headquartered in the Seychelles, and NearMe, a mobile payments app operated by Singaporean company 2C2P.