May 4, 2020

Promising Fintechs In Cambodia, Myanmar Enter Stage

Looking at the arena of financial technology startups in Southeast Asia gives a much-needed relief from the coronavirus madness currently rampant in the region. Local fintech business intelligence platform Fintechnews Singapore, operated by German financial advisory and analytics firm CK Finanzpro GmbH, has put together a selection of the most promising fintechs on the brink of shaking up Cambodia and Myanmar.

In Myanmar, there is also an upcoming fintech scene, although it still hovers under the radar of public awareness. With a little over a dozen fintech companies compared to about 150 in Vietnam and more than 490 in Singapore, the Myanmar fintech sector has still a long way to go. However, with a government committed to improving financial inclusion of the population and rapid mobile growth, the sector is eventually poised to thrive over time. Fintechnews Singapore again looked only at homegrown fintech startups in Myanmar.

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