Helping local SMEs get immediate cash by selling their invoices at discounted prices
As of March 2020, KyoPay has helped fund 2,976,683,975.02 kyats worth of Invoice Receivables
How to get started with KyoPay ?
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For Invoice Sellers

Provides Financing at Point of Need

3 - 5 days from invoice upload

Invoice Seller is not the Main Basis of Credit

Credit is based on the financial standing of the invoice seller's clients whom they provided the product or service to. Does not require hard collateral.

Dynamic Pricing Leads to Cheaper Cost of Money

Invoice Receivables are auctioned off to the highest bidder! The higher the bidding the lesser the discount.

Burden of Collection is transferred to KyoPay

KyoPay handles collection reminders and physical collection to the Invoice Seller’s clients

Bought by BanksBought by 3rd Party Investors
70% - 80% is discounted100% is discounted
Hard CollateralNo Collateral
3 - 6 wks processing3 days processing
  • Personal Information
  • Business Information
  • Valid Identity
    • Soft copy of NRC / Passport
    • Soft copy of NRC / Passport of authorized persons
  • At least one (1) latest Billing Statement billed to the Company Address
    • Utility Bills (i.e. Electric, Water, etc.)
    • Copy of Company Bank Book / Bank Statement
  • Business Documents
    • Company Registration Card
    • Articles of Association (if applicable)
    • Memorandum of Association
    • Form 6, Form 26
    • BOD resolution to open platform trading account and appointment of an authorized person to perform all action relating with invoice selling in KyoPay’s platform (stating NRC number)
    • *For Import/Export business, licenses of import/export are required

*We only accept JPEG, PNG, and PDF file type with a maximum of 5MB per file.

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